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Ladda Ner Homerun Gratis Bok...

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  1. Ladda Ner och Läs På Nätet Homerun Gratis Bok (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - Ali Parker
  2. Homerun sammanfattning : From Best Selling Author, Ali Parker… another book from Providence University.  Jayce Moore is not only captain of the Pro-U hockey team, but he spends his off season playing baseball. His grades have begun to suffer, and though he hates the thought of asking his twin sister’s best friend for help, Layla is his best bet for passing Chemistry. Her laid-back persona and strikingly good looks are enough to make his body ache for something he shouldn’t, but he needs help, and she’s his girl. Layla Roberts is more than surprised when her best friend’s younger brother approaches her for a bit of tutoring. He’s always been standoffish and a little cold when she was around, but now is her chance to get to know the star athlete a little better. Their relationship starts filled with tension and angst, but soon Jayce is moving from base to base until he scores a home run. Layla is exactly the type of woman he wants in his life. Now to convince her of it… 18+ Explicit sexual content, possible foul language and violence. **HEA - these novels are all within the Pro-U series, but are about different couples at the university and should stand-alone.
  4. [Ladda ner nu! - FRI] Homerun-Ali Parker PDF
  5. [Ladda ner nu! - FRI] Homerun-Ali Parker ePub
  6. [Ladda ner nu! - FRI] Homerun-Ali Parker Mobi
  8. [Ladda ner nu! - FRI] Homerun-Ali Parker PDF
  9. [Ladda ner nu! - FRI] Homerun-Ali Parker ePub
  10. [Ladda ner nu! - FRI] Homerun-Ali Parker Mobi

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