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Ladda Ner Resisting Nick Gratis...

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  1. Ladda Ner och Läs På Nätet Resisting Nick Gratis Bok (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - Kris Pearson
  2. Resisting Nick sammanfattning : A man with a shattered soul becomes total temptation for a girl with a marshmallow heart. Fitness center entrepreneur Nick Sharpe is under siege. His business is going ballistic and his PA has left without giving notice. He’s offered to donate bone marrow to his desperately ill niece and been told he’s not genetically compatible. Not related. Reeling from the shock of finding he was adopted, Nick has no patience left for his new temp, Samantha – however much she attracts him or rubs him up the wrong way. Sammie Sherbourne’s sure she can cope with her demanding new boss for the next week or two. Finally free to spread her very cramped wings after a long family crisis, she wants a short-term job until her passport arrives so she can follow her travel dreams. But the possibility that she might hold the key to unlock Nick’s true identity eats at her – far more than his money or spectacular body do. WARNING: Contains sexy games in beds, bathrooms, and on balconies. RESISTING NICK is part of The Wellington Series. If this is the first time you have read a Wellington story, you can easily read each book as a standalone. If you would like to know when my next book is published, please go to my website and sign up for my newsletter. Thank you for your wonderful support! Contemporary romances by Kris Pearson: Currently being written – The Scarlet Bay Series 1. Published: HARD TO REGRET (Anna and Jason) 2. On the way :HARD TO RESIST (Jossy and Cameron) The Wellington Series: 1. THE BOAT BUILDER’S BED (Sophie and Rafe) 2. SEDUCTION ON THE CARDS (Kerri and Alex) 3. RESISTING NICK (Sammie and Nick) 4. OUT OF BOUNDS (Jetta and Anton) 5. THE WRONG SISTER (Fiona and Christian) 6. RAVISHING ROSE (Francesca and Jake) 7. HOT FOR YOU (Melanie and Cody) The Heartlands Series: 1. MELTING HIS HEART (Kate and Matthew) 2. CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY HEARTS (Ellie and Tony) 3. COWBOY WANTS HER HEART (Alfie and Rory) Sheikhs of Al Sounam Series: 1. TAKEN BY THE SHEIKH (Laurel and Rafiq) 2. DESIRED BY THE SHEIKH (Stacy and Akil)
  4. [Ladda ner nu! - FRI] Resisting Nick-Kris Pearson PDF
  5. [Ladda ner nu! - FRI] Resisting Nick-Kris Pearson ePub
  6. [Ladda ner nu! - FRI] Resisting Nick-Kris Pearson Mobi
  8. [Ladda ner nu! - FRI] Resisting Nick-Kris Pearson PDF
  9. [Ladda ner nu! - FRI] Resisting Nick-Kris Pearson ePub
  10. [Ladda ner nu! - FRI] Resisting Nick-Kris Pearson Mobi

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