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Free Download Fatal eBook (PDF,...

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  1. Free Download or Read Online Fatal eBook (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - John Lescroart
  2. Fatal summary : From New York Times bestselling author John Lescroart comes a riveting novel about the unexpected, shattering, and lethal consequences of a one-night stand on a seemingly happily married couple that will “appeal to Harlan Coben or Gillian Flynn fans” ( Booklist , starred review). Kate loves her life. At forty-four, she’s happily married to her kind husband, Ron, blessed with two wonderful children, and has a beautiful home in San Francisco. Everything changes, however, when she and Ron attend a dinner party and meet another couple, Peter and Jill. Kate and Peter only exchange a few pleasant words but that night, in bed with her husband, Kate is suddenly overcome with a burning desire for Peter. What begins as an innocent crush soon develops into a dangerous obsession and Kate’s fixation on Peter results in one intense, passionate encounter. Confident that her life can now go back to normal, Kate never considers that Peter may not be so willing to move on. Not long after their affair, a masked man barges into the café Kate is sitting in with her best friend, firing an assault weapon indiscriminately into the crowd. This tragedy is the first in a series of horrifying events that will show Kate just how grave the consequences of one mistake can be. An explosive story of infidelity, danger, and moral ambiguity, “you’ll wonder why author Lescroart’s picture is not printed beside the definition of ‘spellbinding’ in the dictionary” ( Suspense Magazine ).
  4. [Download Now! - FREE] Fatal-John Lescroart PDF
  5. [Download Now! - FREE] Fatal-John Lescroart ePub
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  8. [Download Now! - FREE] Fatal-John Lescroart PDF
  9. [Download Now! - FREE] Fatal-John Lescroart ePub
  10. [Download Now! - FREE] Fatal-John Lescroart Mobi

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